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What is Stone Planking™?
Stone Planking is natural stone quarried from locations throughout the world and cut to a dimension of 6 inches wide by 1 to 4 feet in length and 3/4 inch thick.

What are "units" of Stone Planking?
A unit of Stone Planking is comprised of 4 stone planks: a 1 foot Stone Plank, a 2 foot Stone Plank, a 3 foot Stone Plank, and a 4 foot Stone Plank. As each Stone Plank is 6 inches wide, each "unit" of Stone Planking covers an area of 5 square feet. Please order in increments of 5 square feet.

Do all of the stones offered by BuffaloStone come in the Stone Planking format?
Yes. Each of the 21 stones that we inventory come in the format described above and have a particular type of finish (either natural gauged, honed, or polished).

How does Stone Planking ship to me once I have ordered?
Stone Planking ships in sturdy wooden crates that contain exactly 42 "units" of Stone Planking (i.e., there are 42 of each of the four lengths of Stone Planks). As each "unit" of Stone Planking covers 5 square feet of space, each crate contains 210 square feet of Stone Planking (42 units * 5 sf/unit = 210 sf). You may order less than a full crate. A $50 repacking charge will apply.

Does Stone Planking come in other dimensions?
Yes. Our standard 6 inch Stone Planking, our 40-40-20 Pattern planking, and our 3 inch Stone Planking are available immediately in all of the stones that we carry.

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